Ingredients of supplements for weight loss

Dietary supplements used by people seeking to reduce weight or maintain current weight contain different ingredients. However, you can identify among them those that are the most commonly used by manufacturers of these supplements.

In recent years a very popular ingredient in slimming became the acai berry. These fruits grow in tropical forests of South America and look like normal blueberries. They are a valuable source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and are therefore used in many dietary supplements. These berries are contained, among other things, in Killa Ketones, fat burner by Grande.

This product also contains another ingredient often found in slimming preparations, or raspberry ketones. Raspberries are a valuable source of minerals and B vitamins, so their role in food supplements is special. In addition to the already mentioned formulation, raspberry ketones are also included in other fat burners.


Slimming supplements often contain green coffee. An example might be a fat burner by Genomyx, Decimate Amplifed. Among other frequently used components also should ne mentioned green tea and caffeine.

Deciding on the use of dietary supplements supporting weight loss you should also take a look at their ingredients properties. In this way, you can select a formulation ideally suited to your needs, which will allow faster achievement of intended results.