Meal substitutes

During weight loss, many people choose to consume so-called meal replacements, often so-called MRP. It can be used as an alternative for normal meal, while a variety of everyday diet. MPR provide nutritious protein, healthy fats, valuable carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals.

In the ranking of meal replacements are products of different brands, including ActivLab. The offer of this company, you can find, among others, nourishing soup and healthy drinks.


Very good score were also given to meal replacements proposed by Olympus. Particularly noteworthy is Carni Line Bar, a nutritious bar essentially composed of herbs and fruits. Olympus also offers the Perfect Body MRP, which is carefully composed blend of important nutrients to human health.

Those using meal replacements also appreciated the cookies and candy bars by Garnell company and products by Fitmax from the series Slim Diet. The list of recommended replacements can also be found suggestions of many other companies, for example, Scitec and BSN.


Meal replacements listed in this ranking can be used both during the weight loss diet and the use of a normal diet, as a supplement to your daily diet with important nutrients for human health. Substitutes are particularly recommended, among other things, to those leading an active lifestyle, in which demand for some nutrients is much higher.