Supplements with green tea

Among the dietary supplements supporting weight loss are preparations containing various ingredients. Currently, very popular are, for example, supplements with green tea.



Green tea is used in slimming products due to the substances contained therein. Although they do not lead to an immediate loss of excess weight, but a regular intake boosts metabolism and help to burn excess fat. Green tea contains, among other things, epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), so a substance that exhibits strong antioxidant properties.

Among the most effective slimming preparations there are many products that contain green tea in their composition. For the best it has been recognized by TREC- supplement L-Carnitine + Green Tea. The product contains not only the concentrated green tea extract, but also liquid carnitine. The combination of these two elements makes this supplement stands out as highly effective in the fight against excessive pounds. What is very important, the components are in the form of easily digestible gelatin capsules.

In second place the most effective preparations in this category is Green Tea brand Olympus, while the third – Green L-Carnitine’s FitMax.

Keep in mind that green tea helps to burn fat, but the use of supplements containing it is no substitute for a proper diet. These preparations are only a slimming supporter.